We provide best of class, easy to use security products & services
for mobile professionals and enterprises. 


cgPhone provides a seamless telephone, messaging and high quality voice experience with the benefit of true security and encryption. It is intuitive and user-friendly. If you can use your iOS / Android built-in phone app, you will feel at home when using cgPhone. 

cgPhone is unique - you are protected by a certified secure element, within the cgCard or cgToken, keeping your valuable credentials safely encrypted - independent from vulnerable built-in security of your smartphone, tablet or other devices. 


Today, the world encounters ~4.7B+ active mobile phones. Each phone pings different networks via GSM, CDMA, LTE, Wi-Fi and other protocols every 5 minutes leaking lots of information about where the phone owner is, who is nearby, moving directions, whom the phone owner is calling to, chatting with or emailing. This is the way how telecommunication technologies work.

They are watching you – each day, every second and any device. Learn how to protect yourself...


cgToken will be your perfect guardian for iOS/Apple devices and any other Bluetooth enabled device. cgToken protects your apps and data on multiple devices at the same time - regardless if iOS/Apple, Android, Windows, macOS or Linux. Just generate, encrypt a mail on your iPhone, decrypt on iPad, edit and resend on your Windows10 notebook. 

Simplified ID management - only ONE ID for many devices. Easy to use - Secure anytime.


cgCard is Your perfect smart card+ for Android, Windows and Blackberry ecosystems. Global certified (EAL5+) OS provides world leading, top level security for any digital identity and other valuable, confidential credentials. Additional storage of 8GB enables you to store your confidential data safely and encrypted - protected from spies, hackers and other unauthorized access. Easy to use - Secure anytime.


Secure communication at your fingertip! cgNetwork provides instant secure communication for any organization or enterprise. Secure voice, mail, chat and local note storage. Available as cloud based subscription service or as on-premse solution, completely integrated into your corporate network, administration and credential management systems. 

Order today - start tomorrow! cgNetwork operates globally. Easy to use - Secure anytime.


Are you managing an larger network with international distributed users, smart cards and credentials? cgTunnel will help you to simplify your task, reduce costs and increase user satisfaction when obtaining new cards or renew ID credentials and certificates. Using cgTunnel, you will be able to distribute securely ID credentials from your central servers down to the local secure element, i.e. cgToken or cgCard or any other smart card/secure element. Regardless if your users are 10, 1.000 or 10.000 miles away. Easy to use - Secure anytime.

Multy Devices

Bring Your Own Device? Heterogenous, hybrid IT solutions? Cloud integration? People love to use their own stuff and tools. That's why we do support almost all relevant platforms. Each platform using its strengths and unique features. Enabling you using one security design token, card for all your devices and use cases. Easy to use - Secure anytime.