cgCard - integrated freedom.

Upgrade your dedicated mobile or IoT device with integrated security. True protection for your valuable private keys and confidential data using your integrated mSD CARD slot. 


cgCard provides full smart card level protection and additional flash storage for any microSD-compliant device. Common Criteria EAL-5 certified crypto processor supports any cryptographic standard functions. 


The certgate SmartCard microSD provides a secure certificate memory to store multiple digital certificates and keys for various use cases, protected from tampering and unauthorized access, i.e. to authenticate users, mobile devices, your workstation computer via USB, to encrypt and decrypt documents and data, to sign, encrypt and decrypt emails, authenticate web applications or log into a virtual private network (VPN).

Your private keys are just safe - anywhere. 


Download Datasheet

Download Datasheet

Key Technical Data

Smart Card Chip:
Infineon SLE 78 with 80 EEPROM
Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified, RNG AIS31, FIPS-140

Smart Card Operating:
JTop ID, Common Criteria EAL5+ certified

Java Card/ GlobalPlatform:
3.0.4 classic/ 2.2.1

Cryptographic Algorithms:
RSA1024/2048, ECC FP192/224/256/384/512/521
SHA224/256/384/512, AES128/192/256, 3DES


Reliability And Durability

Working Temperature:
-20 – 85 °C


Design And Format

15 mm x 11 mm x 0,7 mm


certgate international patented cgCard, a full function certified smart card, provides smart card functionality for any microSD card capable device, i.e. smart phones, tablets, notebooks and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. 

cgCard requires no dedicated or special crypto hardware support through using standard SD CARD Association compliant instruction sets. This technology enables any organization to implement easily advanced high level security for any and every SD capable device - anywhere. 


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